This article by Oliver Reichenstein is a great read about the current state of the web, and how closed systems such as Facebook and Google, have slowly taken over people’s attention1. As we have seen recently, this has led to a stifling of civil and open conversation, where users consume content that is curated for them by “the algoritm”, only serving to reinforce their world views and keep them in the system. This is primarily why I decided to start actively writing, instead of simply “liking” or reacting to someone else’s content shovelled at me. I was finding it ever more difficult to discuss or comment openly on complex issues. Most on-line forums focus on painting everything as black or white, all subtlety and nuance is lost, as that can’t be easily monetized. I’m writing here to clear my own thoughts and become an active participant in the world. Who knows, if chaos theory is correct, even one small voice can theoretically lead to big change.